If it wasn’t for the in camera raw processing and editing this photo would have turned out so much better. Not to mention the autofocus issues and lack of detail from a crop camera.

This X-Pro 1 sucks.

X-E2 - 56mm f1.2

@ Hervé Hette - 2014/10 - www.hervehette.net

Picture direct from Sd Card ;-)


All this internet buzz about Fuji x100 being totally useless for shooting kids seems totally legit. I can’t get one usable shot of my oldest daughter. I really wish I had a Nikon D4 with a 70-200 2.8 so that I can show my grandkids pictures of their mother as a child. Useless piece of sh**

that XF35mm has terrible sharpness throughout. Don’t even think about using it wide open. And those B&W presets just suck. Don’t get me started on how lightroom is completely unable to read those raw files. #missingmyd800

My D1X was updating its firmware, something I note Fuji has never done for this crappy old X100 i had to use instead.

It’s practically ancient, and it really shows in these flat, lifeless images I keep getting.

FlyZanzibar - https://flic.kr/ps/2soaES


simonpearson asked:

I am going to turing around South America and Asia for a year. I have an x-Pro 1 and usually shoot RAW. I want to upload my images through internet cafes and hotels whilst travelling but the file size is very large for RAW. What would you recommend for instead of RAW? Thanks, Simon. ps great site


I’m assuming you want a serious answer, and besides, I couldn’t figure out a funny way to answer this.

Fact is, I do all of my shooting with my X-Pro 1 straight to JPEGs. I know I could get (slightly) better results using RAW and post processing, but I don’t have the time or inclination for that.

One way to go might be to shoot RAW+JPEG, use the JPEGS to upload as you go, and when you get back, do what you would normally do with your RAW files.

If you’re uploading for backup purposes, get a Dropbox account or similar service, and upload when you have a speedy internet connection. I travelled through China this summer, and although internet access was hit or miss, there were times that I had a connection in my hotel room via wire that was speedy enough for this sort of thing. Assuming that you’re bringing a laptop, bringing along an extra external drive for backup (load RAW files to your laptop, duplicate them on the external drive) wouldn’t hurt either. 

Doing long exposure photography with the fuji is just impossible. The buttons are so small that you cant even press it to take the photo much less hold it steady long enough to take the image. Might as well have bought an app and taken it with my iphone.

Demon Boy has body parts on stage!  All I have is my inadequate little X100S!  Escaped with a few lousy images. 

Yes, terrible landscape photos with the X-Pro1…I wish I had several extra pounds added to my backpacking gear during this three night late season outing in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. All that extra weight would really have helped me get a better shot.