You need a full-frame DSLR and an expensive prime lens to take astronomy pics.  The X100s with its fixed lens sucks at this.

Another great example of how the X100’s auto focus will let you down when you have to take that shot quickly, especially in low light. 

You lucky guys with your crappy xpro-1, herewith an horrible B/W JPEG with my super crappy x100s…

X-Pro 1 with 30 year old Yashica ML 200mm 1:4 C made in Japan Lens at

ISO 25600 manual focusing handheld without IOS

It was dark, now on the PC i can see what i have shot.

The continuous focus on this camera sucks! I really wish it would just lock on.

Too bad the X100s can’t “do” low light… completely missed my daughter’s birthday candles!

Don’t even attempt to shoot busy scenes, handheld at night. Focus is sluggish and the results are most often unusable.

You know the Cartier-Bresson thing, the “Decisive Moment”, whatever? Well forget Fuji and buy a photocopier instead, it’s quicker. In fact just sketch it with a pencil.

Ring flash and the fuji x-pro 1 is such a lame combination.