Anonymous asked:

Hi. Your photos are stunning, as is your irony. What post processing do you do (methods, software etc)?


Personally, I shoot JPEGs SOOC, usually using the Provia setting. Every so often I consider shooting in RAW and post-processing, but you can’t polish a turd.

Capturing images ‘on-the-fly’ is impossible with the X-Pro 1. I had to spend 20 minutes setting up ‘selfie guy’ in front of ‘bare arsed guy’ while ‘confused old lady’ looked on….this would have taken but a second with a DSLR. Now I’m tracking down my worst enemy, so I can give this camera to him….

Risking tremendous scorn and humiliation I shot this with my X-E1 + 55-200 to prove once and for all that it is impossible to shoot kids’ sporting events with such a combo. You’ll need at LEAST a D4 and 200mm f2….and a favourable relationship with your bank manager.

I do my best but probably, with a reflex, the results would be better…

fujifilm x100s in Venice, Italy

After 10 months of using my crap x100s, I have to agree with my friends who said the mirrorless are not good for action in low light…

6400ISO, f4, 1/30sec



Why did i think i could shoot at 10pm at 3200iso 30th of a sec at 2.8 .. its stupid.

This camera makes me feel dumb.



mcog25 asked:

I have 2 x-pro 1's, an x-100 s and 3 terrible xf lenses: 23mm, 35mm and 56mm. I find them so bad that I constantly want to throw the whole bagful into a river. The only thing stopping me is that my camera bag is really good and I don't want to lose it. Should I buy a terrible camera bag to put my fujicrap in before throwing it away or should I throw away the good bag too as I'm so sick of photography now?


You need to dispose of the good bag, since it’s been contaminated. You can’t be too careful. All your future photos may be cursed with watercolor foliage.

Usually if i shoot out my window with my DSLR wide open i cant get a clean image.

I think its because the lens is so small. I dont when fuji will get it together.

https://satchmo-louie.squarespace.com/colors/ I have some really dumb images on my site.


azmishmish asked:

I need a superzoom camera to go travel to New-Zealand, i was hesitating beetween Fuji XS-1, Panasonic FZ200 and others, now Fuji if off the league !!! Thank you so much! ^^ Cheers, love, rock'n roll.


If you’re traveling with anything less than a full frame camera with huge lenses, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment for sure. You have been warned.

So today I woke up and thought ‘Hey, why not taking my shitty x100 out for some street portrait?!! :)’.
Instant regret!!! I mean… x100 for portraits?? really? what was I thinking? -.- -.-

Here’s a Flickr page for more shitty shots: https://www.flickr.com/photos/122834385@N05/