My X-E1 and freebie XC50-230mm suck in low light… Shame i can’t get any decent concert photos…

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C’mon.. Why did I even think I could capture this fast moving dance with the crappy skinny x-e2.? I could’ve completely missed the target because the camera’s too light.! And why did I even bother shooting wide open at f1.2 knowing the autofocus would miss all the most important things right.?


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I assume this is all a parody?


Take a look at all the lousy photos that have been submitted here by people using crappy Fujifilm X-Series cameras. Believe your eyes.

Seriously, I bloody hate having a lightweight camera that I keep on me. I want to spend ages undoing a big bag and then fiddling with software menus to adjust settings!  I want a back that aches by the end of a long walk on shingle. Damn Fuji piece of crap.

September seaside, 2014

Rome, Palazzo Braschi museum, 2014

Only after endless time post-processing with Photoshop you can be able to obtain decent colours with the Fuji X Pro1

Under the um-bur-rela-ela-ela-eh-eh. Fuji S U C K S at life. Mic out.

Never again I ‘ll try to use this crappy camera for portrait work. Unbearable lack of sharpness, not to mention the non existing bokhé this even crappier 56 mm lens brings. Next time I’m heading for the woods, i’ll bring my d800 and the 85 1,4. It’s worth every kilo.