Its not just the X-Pro 1 that sucks…the Fujinon glass does too. This crappy 27mm pancake, the cheapest XF prime lens out there, just ISN’T sharp.

I’ve been kicking myself ever since. 


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I bought an X100s and it was so terrible and produced such bad results for me that I went bought an XPro1 and an XE1 too, hoping that they would be better and take some award winning photos for me. Damn, I wish I'd stuck with that 10x8 camera that sits at home in my cupboard. Now i've got to go and make some more crappy pictures with Fuji cameras, some people never learn. Mark (London UK)


May God have mercy on your soul.

Athens, riots ,night . I had my Fuji XE2 with me. Terrible mistake, wish i had my Nikon .

Such a sad camera for candid street photos.  Especially while walking. The auto-focus is just too slow and pathetic.

Picture is horrible under the sunlight, fujifilm should be deleted in the history.

The XE-1 is so bad it probably cannot take the frigging skyline at sunset without imploding. Shit. What a lousy picture.

It’so bad with low light to report riots.

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I just started shooting with my X-Pro1 today. Are you taking most of these with OVF or EVF?


I can’t speak to those who have contributed pictures here, but I use the OVF 80% of the time. Regardless of which one you use, the pictures still turn out crappy.

My niece, sitting on the hardwood floor in a room with no lights on, looking out the window at a bird in the tree.  

My stepdaughter loves to run through puddles.  We had just arrived at the beach, just before sunset, and the tide was low.  She asked if she could run through a tide pool with her teddy bear.  I had my X Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4.  I told her she could, and focused on the back edge of the pool.  I released the shutter just as she passed over that point.  So, yes, it required a little thinking ahead.  But, I got one of my favorite pictures of all time.