You know the Cartier-Bresson thing, the “Decisive Moment”, whatever? Well forget Fuji and buy a photocopier instead, it’s quicker. In fact just sketch it with a pencil.

Ring flash and the fuji x-pro 1 is such a lame combination.

This stupid, small, quiet and incapable camera kept me from getting the shot that I really wanted.

So yeah, Fuji dont make a decent flash. I had to use my friend’s third party unit. Clearly a mismatch for the X-T1/18-55…probably should’ve just stayed home and watched tv.

I was standing at the bridge of Angels in Rome, Italy.
When I came back home I realised I shot jpeg in B&W….
Bummer, the sky was nice and blue!


rpolom asked:



De nada.

Could be better with a DSLR I guess

Such poor low light performance from the X Pro1 and XF14 lens, I so wish I had stayed with the Full Frame Pro DSLR! My collection of other mediocre fuji images at

First image with my Fuji…next time I will use my phone camera…